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Kera-Vita-Amino Infusion

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Kera-Vita-Amino Infusion Salon Specifix Decco

Kera-Vita-Amino Infusion 胶原活力氨基素
Feature 产品特点:

Decco Kera-Vita-Amino Infusion intensive repair rich in keratin and amino acids combining vitamin E & C encapsulated easily penetrate and release to restructure the hair inside out.
Decco胶原活力氨基素含丰富的角蛋白和氨基酸结合维生素E&C能密集修复, 轻松地渗透并释放来重整头发由内到外。

Indication 使用方法:

May be applied to clean hair directly or be added into treatment or use it as a dual step intensive treatment. 可直接应用于干净头发或被添加到治疗里用, 或者用它作为双重步骤的强化治疗。

Size 容量: 12 x 12ml per box

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