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Follicle Activist Shampoo

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Follicle Activist Shampoo Shampoo Decco

Follicle Activist Shampoo 抗氧增活洗发精
Healthy Bouncy Hair Growth & Oily, Itchy Eliminator

Feature 产品特点:

Decco Follicle Activist Shampoo is revolutionary formulated to combat dysfunction and degeneration of the hair’s natural healthy growth thus decreases ageing. It also controls excessive oiliness, eliminates itchiness and calms sensitivity. Leaving scalp and hair fresh, pure and soft. 

Indication 使用方法:

Dispense a small amount on palms, distribute and lather through wet hair and rinse.
取适量于手心, 均匀分散并涂抹于湿发上, 之后冲洗干净。

Size 容量: 350ml / 1000ml

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