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Fluido Oro Puro

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Fluido Oro Puro 黄金亮发油
Illuminating fluid with Argan Oil and UV Filter

Feature 产品特点: 

Enriched with Micro-Active Gold, Argan Oil and Sweet Cyperus Oil. It makes hair manageable, silky and splendid like gold, giving body and lightness. Ideal for eliminating the frizz effect and the split ends fighting the formation of free radicals and carries out a restructuring action.
富含微活性金,坚果油和香附油. 能让头发更容易梳理,柔滑并亮丽如金,有光泽. 非常适于消除毛躁效果和发尾开叉能打击自由基的形成并进行结构调整行动.

Usage 使用方法: 

Apply a few drops on damp hair then dry or, for a quicker effect, directly on dry hair. Do not rinse. The product is rapidly absorbed and does not leaves residues.
点几滴在湿发然后晾干,或者想有更快的效果, 直接在应用在干发上,无需冲洗.此产品能迅速地被吸收, 不会留残留物.

Size 容量: 100 ml

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